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G-WEG® Fall Prevention

Minimum effort and maximum functionality - that's what our holistic concept for fall prevention stands for!
Over 270 facilities, consisting of nursing homes, day care centers, ergo-physio practices and associations throughout the DACH region, Luxembourg and Norway are enthusiastically using our G-WEG. Our concept is also successfully implemented in neurology, geriatrics and orthopaedics.

The targeted combination of muscle, endurance and memory training makes the G-WEG a real game changer.

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Go new ways in fall prevention with G-WEG®!

A careless step, a misjudged step length and it happens: A fall! Especially in old age, a fall can quickly become dangerous. Motor skills are limited - often people have simply forgotten the exact movement patterns from past times because they lack routine. This is where targeted fall prevention training with the G-WEG can be effective.
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in everyday life!

Eine genau auf die Bedarfe der Senior*innen abgestimmte Sturzprophylaxe kann Körper und Geist gleichermaßen trainieren, künftige Situationen besser einzuschätzen und intuitiv darauf reagieren zu können. Deshalb empfiehlt sich Sturztraining mit dem G-WEG System für Personengruppen, welche z.B. durch eine Vorerkrankung die Stabilität ihres Gangs eingebüßt haben.

Such deficits often occur in connection with Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, progressive osteoporosis or dementia. For those affected, the advantage of fall prevention training is obvious: the reduction of fears and the gain of zest for life!
A matter of the heart

Our G-WEG® -
the Product

The G-WEG consists of a 6-metre long and 1.20-metre wide therapeutic carpet with a well thought-out design. Due to special grid fields and the simulation of a path as it could be in everyday life, it has a great exercise value and a high challenge character. Fall prevention training is more intuitive and tangible than ever before. Of course, our G-WEG product is constantly being further developed. What began with the G-WEG 1.0 has now become our G-WEG Set 2.0 with new exercise and training units!
Unique and reliable

G-WEG® Set 2.0

The 98 descriptive method and exercise cards in various degrees of difficulty open up the possibility of learning and sustainably consolidating movement sequences and locomotion safety.
The G-WEG concept is unique and has already proven itself in many places as a reliable, holistic fall prevention training concept in everyday therapy and care.

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Zudem haben wir für unsere G-WEG Kunden eine Online-Fortbildung im Programm mit den wichtigsten Basics rund um das Thema Sturzprophylaxe. Aber auch einen Workshop oder Fachvortrag für Ihre Messe oder Veranstaltung können Sie bei uns buchen.

Wir bieten Ihnen anerkannte, praxisnahe und hochwertige Inhouse-Fortbildungen für Therapeuten, Betreuungskräfte, Pflegefachkräfte und Pflegehelfer.


There is a new publication: "Training Therapy in Rehabilitation" (1st edition 2022). This work by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse and Dr. Christiane Wilke (ed.) from the German Sport University Cologne is aimed at all those who plan training processes for patients with orthopedic-traumatological diseases and injuries together in an interdisciplinary team. And we from G-WEG were allowed to participate...
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