10. October 2023

At the Hansa Seniorenzentrum St. Agnes, everyone knows G-WEG

Each of us knows the term "sidewalk"

Here at St. Agnes, the word now takes on a whole new meaning!
“G-WEG” that is our training offer for fall prevention.
With targeted training, our residents' risk of falling is reduced and mobility is maintained, which means less nursing work for us. We conduct the training in the form of one-on-one care or in small groups. After the first exercise sessions, there was a lot of enthusiasm. Our residents have expressed the wish to include this offer as a fixed unit in the weekly structure. Of course, we are happy to fulfill this wish, because everyone benefits from it!

Mrs. Anke Dröge, Facility Management HANSA Seniorenzentrum An St. Agnes, Hamm
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