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The Company

We challenge the existing structures and concepts of exercise programmes in retirement homes and day care facilities and help to reduce falls with our holistic G-WEG system. In this way, we offer carers and therapists low-threshold fall prevention exercises for their activity programmes.
A highly motivated team

Who is actually 
behind G-WEG®

Everything we do is about maintaining mobility in old age for as long as possible and questioning why people can lose their independence far too early in old age. We believe in thinking differently.

The fall prevention exercises are designed to be simple and user-friendly. They are great exercises that are easy to implement in day-to-day care and can be intuitively realised by the care team. This is how we make your expert standards safe, reliable and efficient!

With full heart!

The founders

Get to know the founders and managing directors of G-WEG!

Ulla Schlösser

Managing Partner
Lecturer in further education &
Your contact around the purchase
Studied sports science with a focus on rehabilitation and sports for the disabled (German Sport University Cologne)
0049 +2941 922887
Why is Ulla so authentic?
She has always been fascinated by movement, especially movement that helps people to take part in everyday life again.
With a wealth of experience in neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation, she has developed the G-WEG system.
As a sports scientist, she specialises in developing exercise concepts and designing training courses in such a way that both exercise professionals and people without a background in exercise therapy can improve their everyday working life with senior citizens, motivated and with lots of practical tips.

When our founder and managing director is not at her desk developing new therapy concepts and training content, she is probably out in the fresh air in the Sauerland and getting some exercise.
With a lot of commitment and passion and through her goal-oriented thinking, the G-WEG is getting closer and closer to Ulla's goal: to support as many senior citizens as possible in their movement and to improve their quality of life through fewer falls...and not only in Germany!

Meggi Wiesemann

Managing Partner
Lecturer in further education &
Your contact around the purchase
Trainer B Sport in Rehabilitation Neurology and Orthopaedics.
Commercial employee
0049 +2941 8277890
As managing director and speaker for our training courses, Meggi is the expert on the topic of fall prevention. Always well prepared and a very good eye for sound mobility training in elderly care.

In addition, she looks after our existing customers and, as a communicative team player, is an extremely refreshing conversational partner.

For us, the entire IT language is a series of hieroglyphs, but not for Meggi. She puts all her creativity into her work. You can clearly see this on our homepage and our social media posts. Anyone who wants to talk to Meggi about the
G-WEG is directly infected by the enthusiasm.

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