31. July 2023

NEW: Rollator training as in-house training in your facility

Take advantage of our new offer! A recognized, practical and high quality Rollator training for caregivers, nurses and nursing assistants.


Effektiv – kurzweilig – zielorientiert
With individual rollator training sessions you actively promote health,
Vitality and mobility of senior citizens. The combination of movement and cognitive requirements is a major challenge in everyday life. Genau da setzen wir an!

Das Selbstvertrauen und die Freude an der Bewegung wird gestärkt und die Gruppendynamik gefördert.
Your team can offer rollator training geared to the needs of the residents in the

  • 1:1 Care
  • Small group
  • Large group                    

Aus der Praxis – für die Praxis
hour examples are developed for direct start in the facility.
The employees learn how easy it is to implement individual rollator units in practice, without spending a lot of time and with high quality. Realistic everyday situations are trained in a course in order to pass them on to the seniors in the facility.
You will learn and experience the basics of rollator use for the senior* and accompanying persons, as well as movement profiles and technical features of different models.

Free of charge: The participants receive 8 education points Within the framework of the registration of professional nurses (RbP).

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