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22. November 2023

Sie kennen das G-WEG Sturzprophylaxe System nur vom Hörensagen?

Sie wollen als Führungskraft Ihre Mitarbeiter*innen in der sozialen Betreuung und Therapie unterstützen? Dann haben wir die perfekte Lösung! Wir bieten Ihnen ein Konzept das gleich drei Expertenstandards „Sturzprophylaxe, Mobilität, Schmerzmanagement“ unterstützt! Besuchen Sie uns auf der interaktiven Denk- und Wanderausstellung „aufaugenhöhe - Mensch.Raum.Quartier“ am 28. November 2023 von 10.00 -18.00 Uhr. Die Ausstellung ist […]
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2. November 2023

The step to a “MOVING SENIOR FACILITY” is not as big as you might think!

Benefit from our new in-house training courses when planning. Convince yourself of the advantages of our expert knowledge for your facility, your team and your seniors. We offer our in-house training as fall prevention training and rolllator course instructors. It couldn't be simpler: why is this so important? Because care is relieved! And that’s what we want […]
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20. October 2023

Fall prevention in-house training at the Caritas Association Gütersloh district

An in-house training course at the Caritas Association District Gütersloh e.V. on the topic of “fall prevention in nursing and care” is always something special. New ideas and approaches for mobility training that gets you moving! It immediately became clear to the participants how simply and holistically the G-WEG methodology can be used to promote and […]
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11. October 2023

Fall prophylaxis in the care everyday life in the Lazarus house Wuppertal

Fall prevention is extremely important in everyday care! “The G-WEG system is therefore a wonderful opportunity to respond individually to the needs and abilities of each person. The G-WEG training can be tailored to the person responsible. In order to avoid falls and the resulting injuries in the future!” Alexander Memmert, facility manager at Lazarus Haus […]
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10. October 2023

At the Hansa Seniorenzentrum St. Agnes, everyone knows G-WEG

We all know the term “walkway.” At St. Agnes, the word now has a whole new meaning! “G-WEG” is our training program for fall prevention. The targeted training reduces the risk of our residents falling and maintains their mobility, which means less care required for us. We conduct the training in the form of […]
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26. September 2023

We give the floor to our G-WEG customer of the Rummelsberger Diakonie!

STURZPROPHYLAXE is very important to us! We achieve more safety when walking through our regular G-WEG training for the residents. Of course, the fun of movement should not be neglected. Walking exercises can be carried out in three lane widths, always adapted to the needs of the residents. It becomes more difficult when you have to [...]
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14. September 2023

Fall prevention at the Caritas Center Attendorn

The G-WEG system is now used for fall prevention at the Caritas Center Attendorn. The employees of the Caritas Day Care Attendorn, Elke Kruse and Petra Nietsch, were so convinced of this concept by a joint G-WEG training that they were also able to inspire the support association of the Caritas Center Attendorn and so the G-WEG system was purchased for the Caritas Center without further ado. The fall prevention [...]
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5. September 2023


Falls cause high costs. A fall is often followed by a long hospital stay, which means that occupancy in the retirement home is no longer assured and the profitability of the facility decreases. So it is better to ensure in advance that it does not come to that in the first place! The solution: The G-WEG system for fall prophylaxis optimally supports the requirements of the "Expert Standards for [...]
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31. July 2023

NEW: Rollator training as in-house training in your facility

Take advantage of our new offer! A recognized, practical and high-quality rollator training for caregivers, nursing staff and nursing assistants. FOR THE TEAM Effective - entertaining - goal-orientedWith individual rollator training units you actively promote the health, vitality and mobility of seniors. The combination of movement and cognitive requirements is a great challenge in everyday life. This is exactly where we come in! The self-confidence and [...]
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