Fall prevention with the G-WEG®

The G-WEG®
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In fact, the G-WEG came into being in the context of stroke sports. Easy to use and extremely efficient and sustainable. You too can experience fall prevention with the G-WEG System.
Fall prevention thought differently!

The genesis 
of our G-WEG®

In fact, the G-WEG came into being in the context of stroke sports. Initially, we worked with adhesive strips on the floor to give the patients in our stroke group clues about step length and spatial orientation during the different exercise sequences. The aim was to create a training situation that would allow the patient to practise the following: isolated gait exercises, the simulation of double loading and the training of everyday situations.

In order to create a professional therapeutic aid out of the time-consuming and tedious taping of the floor, we defined clear requirements for a modern system for fall prevention measures and for effective anti-fall training.

Fall prevention in detail

Always the same reproducibility to ensure exercises under constant circumstances
The markings and contrasts on the surface had to be conspicuous and clearly visible
Distinction through simplicity
Many fields on the surface to extend the gait distance and allow the patient a fluid gait movement
Elimination of any risk of tripping
Use also with assistive devices such as rollators and walking sticks
Verbindung von kognitiven und motorischen Fähigkeiten 
(Dual-Task Training)
Strengthening the "we-feeling" in the group
Can be used by groups of different strengths and individuals
Active health promotion for people in need of care
Highly stimulating character
High practicability
Easy to transport
Everyday and friendly appearance (especially for people with dementia)
Little time required for preparation and assembly
This resulted in G-WEG®

The ideal companion 
for your institution

Despite its 6-metre length and 1.20-metre width, this therapeutic carpet is very easy to transport as well as to set up and take down in its own bag. The G-WEG is slip and abrasion resistant and is characterised by its durability. All markings and contrasts are very well visible even with age-related impaired eyesight.

At the heart of the G-WEG system are the 98 method and exercise cards, which are color-coded according to difficulty and are self-explanatory. The movement approach centered on senior citizens trains muscle strength, balance, memory and language at the same time.

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Testimonials of an MS patient

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Testimonials of an stroke patient

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Testimonials of an polyneuropathy patient
Tried and tested many times!

A concept
for all!

G-WEG is a tried and tested system for fall prevention and is used successfully in retirement homes, day care centers, medical practices, clinics, etc. throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Norway, in 1:1 care, in small groups or large groups. The G-WEG system consists of a specially developed therapeutic gait mat and 98 exercise and method cards with difficulty levels ranging from easy to difficult.

Integrate the expert standard for the prevention of falls into everyday care: For more courage and joy in movement!
As a secure therapy tool, the G-WEG optimally supports the concept of the expert standards for "maintaining and promoting mobility in care". This makes it particularly interesting for:
old people's and retirement homes, day care centres, residential groups
physiotherapy and occupational therapy practices
Hospitals (geriatrics, neurology, surgery)
Volunteers involved in neighborhood work
Rehabilitation clinics
Sports clubs
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Our orientation and goals

Who or what
we want to reach!

Mobility training, rehabilitation and anti-fall training for:

Seniors and the very elderly
People with dementia
Stroke victims
Patients with neurological diseases such as Parkinson's or multiple sclerosis
People with orthopaedic diseases

Our goals

Improving gait security and mobility
Reduction of the risk of falls and accidents and avoidance of consequential illnesses caused by falls
More safety in everyday life
Reduction of fears
Conveying a sense of fun in movement
Strengthening self-esteem
Active promotion of health
Effective prevention of falls in nursing care
Effectiveness study


The G-WEG system provides an impetus for more courage to move in everyday care. The G-WEG can also show what it can do when it comes to preventing falls. The effectiveness of the G-WEG was confirmed in a controlled study in a bachelor's thesis (T. Barthel, L. Sommer, Institute Director C. Reinsberger 2017) at the Institute of Sports Medicine at Paderborn University. eine kontrollierte Studie die Wirksamkeit des G-WEGs bestätigt.

If the motivation is right, the result is also right.

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Joy to movement

Training &

Training with the G-WEG system brings joy to movement.

With the help of HuGO, the individual exercises are presented clearly and lovingly on the exercise and methodology cards. Even people without a background in movement therapy can easily follow the practical exercises. A traffic light system guides through the different levels of difficulty.

Exercise must be fun and must neither under- nor over-challenge. With these easy-to-use methods, training for fall prevention can be implemented intuitively and effectively in the care of physically impaired people.
Large selection - many possibilities

98 methodology and
exercise cards


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in 5 categories

Individual exercises with equipment: everyday dual coordination tasks (dual-task)
In pairs without equipment: movement and memory
In pairs with equipment: Everyday dual coordination tasks (dual task)
Large group: joint gait and fall prevention training

The Basics

Protective steps and reactive steps
The gait tempo
Simulation of double stresses (dual-task situations)
Training of everyday situations (ADL)
Starting and stopping
Knee control
Scanning gaze
Track width
With the joy of movement

Successfully mastering
everyday life

With the joy of movement, everyday situations are practised together in order to give those affected more independence, security and a better self-esteem.

The fear of a fall accident can thus be effectively taken away from users of the G-WEG system.

Demographic change presents our society with new challenges. In the future, we will have to focus more on mobility training in care, the needs and health maintenance of older people and those in need of care.

Promoting and maintaining mobility
In order to be able to cope with everyday life in old age, the following abilities should still be manageable: overcoming a step, being able to turn the head to the left and right while walking, being able to cover a distance of 300 metres on foot.

The preservation and promotion of mobility in care and the care of persons in need of care is increasingly becoming one of the fundamental points in order to reduce the high follow-up costs for the health care system on the one hand and, of course, to preserve the quality of life in old age on the other hand.

The special feature of the G-WEG system

The G-WEG system also includes a clearly laid out card box with methodology 2.0, which contains 98 methodology and exercise cards. You would like to learn more...
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Efficient fall prevention

Benefit &

The G-WEG system enables efficient fall prevention with maximum functionality and minimum effort and is used in a wide variety of facilities!

The G-WEG is a therapeutic carpet for fall prevention measures with a length of 6 metres and a width of 1.20 metres. The design corresponds to a grid of cobblestones and grass surfaces in bright, friendly colours. Due to its length, it allows exercisers to move smoothly by extending their gait on the individual squares. Two people can comfortably sit next to each other, even with a rollator. The G-WEG system is thus perfectly suited for use in fall prevention in therapy and care facilities.

The therapeutic gait mat is both abrasion-resistant and non-slip, easy to clean and particularly durable. With the help of the accompanying bag, it is easy to transport, convenient to pack and unpack and requires very little storage space. The applied fields and markings are close to everyday life and rich in contrast.

Even patients with age-related visual impairment can easily recognise the fields. Of course, walking aids such as walking sticks and rollators can be used on it. All in all, the carpet has a high stimulating character and encourages anti-fall training with pleasure.
More details

Benefit &
Use detailed

You can use the slider to find out more about the benefits and use of the G-WEG®.

Efficient fall prevention

The G-WEG system enables efficient fall prevention with maximum functionality and minimum effort! Tried and tested anti-fall training with the fun factor! The fall prevention measures with the G-WEG significantly improve the gait pattern.

tool for your employees

Your nursing and care staff have a new approach to implementing the requirements of the "Expert Standards for Maintaining and Promoting Mobility in Care" in a way that is close to everyday life and requires little time.

Particularly suitable

The exercises are particularly suitable for: Patients after strokes, people with dementia, seniors and the very old, patients with orthopaedic and neurological diseases (such as Parkinson's or multiple sclerosis).

Why G-WEG®

Benefits for your institution
Preserving the quality of life in old age
Improving the quality of care
Optimisation of care resources
Reduction of follow-up costs in care
Reduction of accidents due to falls
More love of life and mobility

Requirements fulfilled

Das G-WEG System erfüllt die Anforderungen der „Expertenstandards zur Erhaltung und Förderung der Mobilität in der Pflege“ und kommt in unterschiedlichsten Einrichtungen zum Einsatz.

Sie stellen sich dem demografische Wandel und verstärken den Fokus auf das Mobilitätstraining in der Pflege.  Die Bedürfnisse und die Gesundheitserhaltung älterer und pflegebedürftiger Menschen sind von großer Bedeutung.

Our product is easy to use

Leichte Anwendbarkeit und einfachster Auf- und Abbau bei zugleich erwiesener Effizienz zeichnen unser Produkt aus. Auch für ehrenamtlich engagierte Menschen oder Übungsleitern in Vereinen bietet das G-WEG System eine einfache, zeitsparende und zugleich effektive Möglichkeit für ein praktisch orientiertes Antisturz-Training.

The exercises on the methodology and exercise cards are practical, easy to understand, divided into different levels of difficulty and illustrated in detail by our HuGO.

Simple assembly and disassembly

Due to the simple assembly and disassembly of the G-WEG and its optimal size, it is perfect for almost any location - take it out of the bag, roll it out - done! Suitable for exercise use are: corridors and hallways (especially in old people's homes and day-care centres), exercise and therapy rooms, common rooms or gyms. It is perfectly designed for the car, because it fits easily into any boot.

Why G-WEG®

The effort is worth it
Promoting mobility
Time saving
Easy to transport
and much more