Sie haben Fragen rund um das G-WEG-System?

The G-WEG sales team

Would you like to get to know G-WEG? LET'S HAVE A CHAT!
With full heart!

Our sales experts are there for you!

Take advantage of the expertise of our sales specialists and find out more about our unique fall prevention system.
We will be happy to answer your questions on the phone, in a video conference or show you our fall prevention system live and in colour.

Steffen Grützmacher

Team Leader Sales Germany
0049 +173 2038616
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What you can expect from Steffen in an interview:
He listens to you carefully when it comes to your facility and your residents.
He understands you when it comes to your company.

Steffen always puts 100% into his work, whether on the phone or during a visit to your facility.
With a lot of experience in sales and the ambition of a young-at-heart 60-year-old, G-WEG sales is simply his thing. 

He loves talking to and meeting our customers.
With his empathetic manner, our sales manager attaches great importance to honest sales and is our voice on the phone. So if you are looking for a constructive consultation with valuable tips, Steffen is the right person for you. 

His wish: to give as many people as possible our 
G-WEG concept in person or in a video call to support you in your work!

Beatrice Kiehl

Teamleiterin Vertriebsinnendienst
0049 +2941 922887
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It's hard to imagine a company without a functioning back office!

We couldn't do without our reliable Beatrice. Every presentation folder, quotation or info mail only leaves the office when Beatrice has had an eye on it. And that's a good thing! 

It is a matter close to her heart to draw attention to the importance of exercise in old age with her commitment to the G-WEG.