26. September 2023

We give the floor to our G-WEG customer of the Rummelsberger Diakonie!

STURZPROPHYLAXE is very important to us!
We achieve more safety when walking through our regular G-WEG training for the residents. Of course, the fun of movement should not be neglected. Walking exercises can be carried out in three lane widths, always adapted to the needs of the residents. It gets more difficult when you have to throw a ball while walking or balance a sandbag.
The trainers motivate the residents, and if someone needs help walking, a caregiver is there to provide assistance. Since the exercises take place in the lounge, the other residents can watch and are motivated to participate. Of course, there is always a lot of applause when the distance has been covered. The pride is then written all over the residents' faces. A great thing for fall prevention!

Sabine Ramsauer, Facility Manager
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