2. September 2022

Dear G-WEG friends - we have great NEWS!

There is a new publication: "Training Therapy in Rehabilitation" (1st edition 2022).

This work by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse and Dr. Christiane Wilke (ed.) from the German Sport University Cologne is aimed at all those who work together in an interdisciplinary team to plan training processes for patients with orthopedic-traumatological diseases and injuries.

It is a textbook for

  • Students of sports/athletic sciences and physiotherapists in training and practice.
  • Likewise, a reference book in the everyday professional context for the design of therapy and rehabilitation.

My contribution in chapter 7: "Gait training in therapy" is based on therapeutic exercises and methodical series with the G-WEG system and enables all therapists to find a quick access to gait analysis and from this to offer a task-oriented training with a high transfer to everyday life.

I am very happy that I was allowed to participate in this work as an author!

Take a look, it's worth it! Your Ulla Schlösser

PS: The book is available here: https://shop.elsevier.de/trainingstherapie-in-der-rehabilitation-9783437475658.html

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