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Mehr als 260 Therapiestandorte verteilen sich bereits über ganz Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Luxemburg und es werden immer mehr. Vielen Dank an unsere Kunden welche wir nach ihrer Zufriedenheit zur Sturzprophylaxe mit dem G-WEG System befragt haben. Wir freuen uns Ihnen weiter unten auf dieser Seite die vielen Stimmen aus dem Trainingsalltag präsentieren zu dürfen. 
Simply efficient

The G-WEG® -
a concept with a lust for life!

G-WEG is a well-proven and mature system for fall prevention and is successfully used in nursing homes, day care centres, ergo-physio practices and clubs. Our product is also used in neurology, geriatrics and orthopaedics.

Especially for care facilities, which are responsible for the integrity of elderly people, it makes a lot of sense to support residents through individually tailored training. Fall prevention in geriatric care is therefore an important pillar in the overall care concept of every facility.

Over 260 therapy locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg are already enthusiastic G-WEG users and confirm the effectiveness of this unique therapy tool for fall prevention measures.
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MTZ Kopp Physiotherapiezentrum, Kassel
Felicitas Danne, Physiotherapie
We booked the online training on the G-WEG system, which gave us some very nice and interesting food for thought for exercises with our seniors. The illustration was consistently good, so that it was easy to understand and implement the exercises. The refresher on the various clinical pictures was also nice. 
We use the G-WEG on a regular basis. Overall, we are very satisfied with the purchase of the G-WEG. We are sure that we can provide many of our patients with more safety in a playful way.
Thank you very much for creating the G-WEG. This has already helped many people and many will continue to benefit from it!

medi train
Bewegungstherapie • Physiotherapie, Erlangen
Brigitta Flattau, Daniel Kannegießer
We use the G-WEG both in our physiotherapy and in medical training therapy. 
The patients enjoy it very much and are always open to new ideas and exercises. That is why it was a good decision to purchase this training tool and to receive the appropriate professional instruction with the online training. In this sense, we would like to thank the G-WEG team very much!
Lazarus Haus Wuppertal
Alexander Memmert, Facility Management
Fall prevention is extremely important in everyday nursing care. 
"The G-WEG system is therefore a wonderful way of responding completely individually to the needs and abilities of the individual. The G-WEG training can be completely tailored to the person in charge. In order to avoid falls and the resulting injuries in the future!"
Caritas Pflegeheim Camillus-Haus, Bastheim
Heike Stumpf, Pflegedienstleitung
STURZPROPHYLAXE wird bei uns GROß geschrieben! Unser Ziel ist es, langfristig das Gangbild unserer Bewohner*innen zu verbessern. Und das üben wir kontinuierlich mit dem G-WEG Sturzprophylaxe System. Die Orientierung und Motorik wird gestärkt, sowie die Schwungbein- und Standbeinphase gleichermaßen trainiert. Ob in der Gruppe oder in der Einzelbetreuung, die 98 Übungskarten bieten uns eine große Auswahl an individuellen Übungen, maßgeschneidert für Alle.
Especially for our cognitively ill residents, it is enormously important to always promote motor and cognitive skills in combination.
Im Rahmen eines Projektes wurden die Betreuungskräfte unseres Hauses vom G-WEG Team aus Lippstadt geschult, die seitdem individuell mit den Heimbewohnern das Training durchführen. Es wird sehr gut von den Bewohner*innen angenommen, einfach weil es auch Spaß macht!
Dear G-WEG team - thank you for everything and especially for the good tips to promote the mobility of the residents with simple means.

Hollstein GmbH Nursing Service, Wismar
Thomas Hollstein
We are thrilled. The G-WEG offers a wonderful variety of anti-fall training. With Hugo, the methodology box offers simple instructions for implementation, so we can carry out the care of fall prevention without a lot of planning. The instructions on the learning videos are very inspiring. They give vivid examples of the walking changes and with the easy to understand cards, enthusiasm can be counteracted in this way with a lot of fun.

We are happy to have the G-WEG for our clients as an enrichment for the practical implementation. This gives us a varied possibility to mobilise the clients.

We would like to thank you for the uncomplicated processes from the presentation at the trade fair, delivery, training to the first use with the client.
AWO Erna-David Senior Citizens' Centre, Dortmund
Annette Hadem-Heinrichs, Dipl. Sozialarbeiterin im Soz.D.
"On the weekly schedule is: In this way, we have achieved that the fun factor comes first in the G-WEG training. The joy is visible in the faces of the residents, the playful activity is implemented with great concentration and the residents are always motivated to continue. The sense of achievement is very great and visible. Some residents were able to walk without a walker, without a cane and even one resident without a wheelchair. A solidary and motivating group experience. The residents encourage each other and even applaud.
AWO Senior Citizens' Centre Gelsenkirchen-Horst
Facility management Silke Capani
Our staff offer the residents a variety of care options on a daily basis. With the G-WEG therapy concept, we have created an additional, varied training experience.

During a training course, our employees at the Seniorenzentrum Horst became aware of the G-WEG therapy concept and were immediately enthusiastic. Since the prevention of falls and the promotion of mobility are very important in our facility, it did not take much convincing to win me over as the facility manager for the new therapy concept. "Every fall that we can prevent among our residents is a success," explains Silke Capani. Silke Capani explains.

We regularly use the G-WEG therapy concept in addition to strength and balance exercises to promote the mobility of the residents and to avoid falls as much as possible. The first successes are already visible and the residents are happy about every step forward. A holistic fall prevention concept that we can definitely recommend!
St. Josef Retirement Home, Wickede
Sebastian Füst, Head of the Association
With the therapeutic carpet "G-WEG", we have created another great offer for our senior citizens in the St. Josef retirement home.
The G-WEG is used for individual care as well as for group activities. Whether with or without a rollator, with a walking stick or with a wheelchair, the residents always have a lot of fun. The special exercise cards ensure that it never gets boring. Due to the different levels of difficulty of the exercises, there is a suitable exercise for everyone and no one is left out.

"We are proud to be able to offer our residents a variety of activities that are not only fun, but also very effective! In the meantime, the residents and staff have even developed their own exercises that not only involve "walking" but also challenge the mind. At least once a week, the G-WEG has been on the weekly schedule for the groups in St. Josef since December. In addition, it is used again and again for individual exercises in the living areas. To ensure that the G-WEG is used in the best possible way, the staff of the social services and trainees of the house received training for the best possible use and implementation.

"Sometimes all it takes is a simple little thing like holding a ball in your hand and the resident suddenly walks upright in the corridors! The G-WEG is an absolute enrichment for our facility.
Bethel-Welzheim Senior Citizens' Centre
Lale Toktas, Managing Director / Nursing Director
For our residents, especially with the challenges and many restrictions caused by the Corona virus, movement has often been neglected in the last two years. Some of the living areas were isolated, and there was no longer a large radius of action except in the park when the weather was nice. Now that we have hopefully passed the zenith of the pandemic and can slowly return to a more "normal" life, we have made it our task to advocate for more exercise for our residents. Good prevention, i.e. fall prophylaxis, is particularly helpful here. In order to be able to offer this professionally, we have decided to use the G-WEG concept. The method cards contain well-described exercises from easy to difficult and can also be used for activations by staff without a therapeutic background. At the beginning of April 2022, our social care team was trained in the advanced training event "New ways of fall prevention with the G-WEG". Basics such as gait training, training the observation eye, facilitating, body ladder, ABC of fall prevention were taught. Training was done individually with equipment and in pairs with each other. At the end of the training, the senior citizens' centre received the certificate "Fall prevention with the G-WEG concept for the moving facility". Since the end of April, we have included fall prevention as a fixed exercise programme in our weekly social care plans. This was a good decision and we are proud of it!
Rummelsberg Monastery St. Lorenz, Nürnberg
 Sabine Ramsauer, Facility Manager
We try to achieve more safety when walking with the new G-WEG training. Of course, the fun of movement should not be neglected either. Walking exercises can be done on the carpet in three lane widths. It gets more difficult when you have to throw a ball while walking or balance a sandbag. The trainers stand at the end of the path and motivate the residents to walk straight and give instructions on the hand tools. If someone needs assistance with walking, a caregiver is present to provide support. Since the exercises take place in the lounge, the other residents can watch and are motivated to participate. Of course, there is always a lot of applause when the distance has been covered. The pride is then written all over the residents' faces. The G-WEG was financed by donations from the Nuremberg Foundation Administration. We thank the donors on behalf of our residents and staff. A super thing!

Ralph Petersmann, Facility Management
Yes, finally Thursday !
On Thursdays, the G-WEG is always rolled out in our cafeteria, and our residents, always look forward to it.
With various exercises to secure the balance, not only toiling, but also a lot of laughter and cheering.
After our sessions, all participants are totally exhausted, but even happier.
The G-WEG is a real highlight with our residents.
It's incredible how much drive and ambition each individual develops. They are always amazed at themselves.
A " I'll never make it" turns into " I'm proud of myself for making it!"

Thanks for this great invention.

Husemann House, Unna
St. Vincenz Altenheim, Menden
Anja Guerra Hartstein, Sozialer Dienst
The aid - G-WEG - was used in three residential areas and accompanied by the employees of the social service. When it was introduced, curiosity and fascination were unanimously observed. The motivation to walk on the G-WEG was there from the beginning, simply there. The path had and has the character of a challenge. Our residents accept the training. They look forward to it, ask about it, notice improvements in their own walking, want this to be seen - they are proud of it. They listen attentively to the briefly and concisely described exercises and implement them according to their own abilities. The training is integrated into our weekly schedule twice a week. It gives us pleasure to see how concentrated, enthusiastic and proud our residents are in improving their gait. They pay attention not only to themselves, but also to the actions of their fellow residents and are not sparing with praise and applause. Our residents literally infect us with their enthusiasm and commitment. We are all fascinated by the ease of use. The simple, clear and varied tasks and their implementation. The G-WEG offer is popular with all residents (with and without aids - rollator/ cane). Relatives have also praised the positive changes in the seniors' walking (stride length, walking straight, lifting their feet). These are not "praises" but reality! All together we, the social service, residents and relatives, thank you for this great enrichment in our daily work and our everyday life at home with elderly family members / friends.
At the presentation of the same, curiosity and fascination could be observed unanimously. The motivation to walk on the G-WAY was there from the beginning, simply there. The path had and has the character of a challenge.
Our residents embrace the training. They look forward to it, ask about it, notice improvements in their own walking, want it to be seen - they are proud of it.
They listen attentively to the briefly and concisely described exercises and put them into practice according to their own abilities.
The training is integrated into our weekly schedule twice a week.
It gives us pleasure to see how concentrated, enthusiastic and proud our residents are in improving their gait. They pay attention not only to themselves, but also to the actions of their fellow residents and are not sparing with praise and applause. Our residents literally infect us with their enthusiasm and commitment.
We are all fascinated by the simplicity of handling. The simple, clear and varied tasks and their implementation. The G-WEG offer is popular with all residents (with and without aids - rollator/ cane).

Relatives have also praised the positive changes in the seniors' walking (stride length, walking straight, lifting their feet).
These are not "lobbies" but reality!

All together we, the social service, residents and relatives, thank you for this great enrichment in our daily work and our everyday life at home with elderly family members/friends.

Ev. Altenpflegezentrum "Der Wiedenhof“, Remscheid
Thomas Seidler (nursing service management)
A safe fall prophylaxis offer in our facility
When we started with the G-WEG training in the Wiedenhof, we were very smiled at by residents and the nursing staff.

But after some time it was noticed that the residents enjoyed it. The staff could also see that the gait of some residents improved quickly.

The G-WEG is also excellent for groups, which strengthens the residents' sense of belonging. Nursing staff linger during the exercises and some are always happy to join in. For Wiedenhof, it has been shown that this acquisition has been completely worthwhile. We wish the staff and residents continued fun and success. It is just the right thing for safe fall prophylaxis in our facility.
Mitarbeiter der Pflege verweilen während der Übungen und einige machen gerne immer Mal dabei mit.
Es zeigte sich für den Wiedenhof, dass diese Anschaffung sich vollumfänglich gelohnt hat. Wir wünschen den Mitarbeiter*innen und den Bewohnern weiterhin viel Spaß und gutes Gelingen. Für eine sichere Sturzprophylaxe in unserer Einrichtung genau das Richtige!

Evangelical Hospital Castrop Rauxel
Sabine Kummer, Occupational Therapist
We use the G-WEG for neurological patients who can already take a few steps with a rollator to people who can walk freely but still have balance insecurities.

The G-WEG is well accepted by the patients. There are - thanks to the method cards - many suggestions and variation possibilities in the use and nice increase possibilities, which can be adapted very individually.

In our clinic, we like to use the G-WEG in a group setting, less often in individual training. In the group setting, initially only 1 patient walks along the path with the therapist's supervision with a specific task, while the other group participants watch, can already memorize the task and are presented with possible solutions by watching. The group then alternates until all patients have completed the same task. In this way, people can be individually supported by the therapist.
With each new round, we increase the level of difficulty. Depending on their physical capabilities, several people can also train at the same time.

Working with the G-WEG is good for our patients. They gain more confidence in their gait, have more confidence in themselves, increase their self-assessment and praise each other. And the whole thing is fun, too.
 Praxis für Ergotherapie Weinbeer, Haßfurth
Elmar Weinbeer
The G- WEG has been a permanent fixture in our practice once a week for half a year.

The concept and the exercises are ideally suited for patients at risk of falling. The carpet shown as a G-WAY serves as a perfect orientation for the seniors, which would otherwise be difficult to convey.

As a therapist, it is thus much easier to work with the patients in a goal-oriented and resource-oriented way. In addition, the exercise instructions are very varied and hierarchically structured.

Actually we wanted to hold the "G-WAY" as a course series with 10 repetitions. However, the participants were so enthusiastic and motivated that it is now held continuously throughout the year and has become a permanent feature of our practice
CBT - Wohnhaus Peter Landwehr, Bergisch Gladbach
Simone Kühne, Pflegedienstleitung
I personally find the G-WEG very nice, especially in rollator training. In this, we imagined that the carpet is a sidewalk that you are not allowed to drive off of, where you meet and greet people, or obstacles come up, like a lamppost that you have to go around. This was a lot of fun for the residents and they did well with it.

On the floor we did it with a group, we found that you can only implement a few exercises when the residents sit down in between. Then there is simply not enough time. Nevertheless, the residents had a lot of fun, especially waving their hats, the exercise is called "Grüß Gott". We have now incorporated the G-WEG training into our weekly schedule on the floor so that we can practice with the same group of residents every week. The gait pattern and step length have already improved significantly for many residents. I can only recommend the G-WEG training!
Vitalis residential park, Bad Essen
Svenja Hawighorst, Occupational Therapist
At Vitalis Wohnpark Bad Essen, we regularly roll out the green carpet for our residents and train them to walk.

It is used in occupational therapy, especially in individual sessions or small groups, and enriches the range of therapies and our mobility training for the residents. At first, everyone was skeptical and didn't know what this green carpet was all about. But after the first exercises on the G-WEG, the initial skepticism quickly turned into enthusiasm. The residents are enjoying the varied training more and more. After a relatively short time, they noticed that they felt much more confident when walking after the training session.

It is great that the G-WEG offers a wide variety of exercise options that can be used individually and according to the needs of our residents with different abilities. Residents suffering from dementia get their money's worth just as much as the cognitively fit exercisers, whether free or with a rollator. Everything is possible. The visual representation of the G-WEG is a great help and gives our residents precise indications of the tasks to be performed. Whereas the statement that the resident should take large steps while walking used to be very vague, today it is easy to refer to the fields of the G-WEG. The participants are increasingly gaining a feeling of how big "big steps" can be and are also increasingly implementing this outside of the G-WEG training. This reinforces our training success. From our point of view, the participants gain more and more confidence in walking and the gait pattern improves. This is also noticed by the residents themselves. "It's really fun to walk over there like that and you get more confidence," said one resident after the training with the G-WEG.

We hope that many more institutions will use the G-WEG concept as an enrichment for the nursing and care staff, therapists and above all for the residents!
Stifungs- Alten- und Pflegeheim, Bad Neustadt an der Saale
House management Mr Wagner
Many residents came to the first training session today to see what the G-WEG promises. Beforehand, the advertising drum was beaten vigorously, in conversations with residents, announcing the desire to move and high efficiency in preventing falls.

Just like in everyday life: the G-WEG has a great exercise value and a high challenge character to make fall prevention training more intuitive and tangible for our seniors than ever before.

The first basic exercises were quickly learned and the joy and enthusiasm about small successes was great. Of course, we are only at the beginning of the new G-WEG concept, but the starting signal for new impulses for fall prevention has been given and we would like to achieve a lot with it!
HANSA Senior Citizens' Centre An St. Agnes, Hamm
House Management Ms Anke Dröge
Every one of us knows the term "walkway". At St. Agnes, the word now has a different meaning! A new offer of the social care is the training for fall prevention with the" G-WEG"! With the targeted training, our residents' risk of falling is reduced and their mobility is maintained, which means less care effort for us. 

We conduct the training in the form of one-to-one supervision or in small groups. There was a lot of enthusiasm after the first exercise sessions. Our residents have expressed their wish to include this offer as a fixed unit in the weekly structure. Of course, we are happy to fulfil this wish, because everyone benefits from it!
Senior Citizens´Centre An der Haard GmbH, Oer-Erkenschwick
Ms Joanna Mrowka
The G-WEG has become an integral part of the weekly schedule in the house. I regularly train with our residents twice a week.

At the beginning, the residents were quite sceptical about the offer and wondered what could be done - they can walk well. However, after the explanation and the first attempts, they changed their minds. The double coordination exercises, endurance and concentration pose a certain challenge for the participants. They quickly realised that G-WEG training is about much more than just running and are now convinced that they benefit from this training not only physically but also mentally.

This makes our residents more self-confident, more self-assured and reduces their fears. They approach the training with full motivation.

My goal is to teach the residents the exercises in such a way that they also remember and implement them in their daily lives. I talk about this with the participants and they report that it is not easy without a carpet, but they are making progress and try to integrate what they have learned into everyday life.
Liebeskind Care Plus, Plettenberg
Ms Kerstin Liebeskind
Due to a lack of movement, mobility decreases. This can lead to further restrictions in everyday life.

In order to prevent these limitations and possibly even falls as early as possible, we at Pflegedienst Liebeskind, in cooperation with the Plettenberger Turnverein (PTV), offer G-WEG training as a special feature.

Just one G-WEG training session per week promotes gait security, increases the length of the steps and extends the possible walking distance of the participants. Coordination and concentration are also promoted by the various exercises. This exercise concept not only has the effects and benefits already mentioned, but it is also fun! What more could you want?
Caritas Day Care, Clarholz
Ms Stefanie Schilling, Day Care Manager
Whether indoors or outdoors - G-WEG training in our day care always goes!

We from the Caritas day care in Clarholz (Caritasverband für den Kreis Gütersloh) took advantage of the beautiful autumn weather and moved the G-WEG training outside with our guests. You could see the joy in the faces of the senior citizens. Afterwards, we went for an autumnal walk through nature. It was unbelievable how the gait and stride length improved after the training. Our guests enjoyed the fresh air and the exercise. Best of all, our ladies were quite amazed that they could manage the walk without a hand cane or rollator! Goal achieved - we continue to train diligently, despite Corona! Whether indoors or outdoors, the G-WEG helps us because we can always start immediately and hardly need any preparation time. The exercises are already there. We take 2-3 cards out of the box and off we go. Keeping a distance also works well.

The G-WEG training is a great enrichment for all of us - we can only recommend it!
CMS Dienstleitungen GmbH, Harkorten
Ms Yvonne Organiska Dipl.Soz.Päd. (BA), Head of Social Care
Our successes with the G-WEG concept
When the G-WEG® is on the weekly care programme, there is no need to come up with other programme suggestions for our residents in our living areas. All residents are very ambitious and always look forward to the walking training.
They visibly beam when they walk across the G-WAY, concentrate and proudly leave the range when they have once again managed to walk freely without a rollator and at the same time, for example, throw balls into the target while doing so, greet with hats....
As there are many action cards in the box for all "stages" of walking, our preparation time for the fall prevention training is very short.
There is always a nice exercise for everyone, be it freehand, with help or with a rollator. We can respond individually to the abilities of the participants even if we train in a group.
With regard to the development of falls in the residential areas, we can draw a very positive balance. The number of falls has decreased!
Our residents walk more confidently and show more self-esteem with their heads held high due to regained independence in walking and a sense of achievement in training.

G-WEG Advanced training Corona-compliant
It pays to be there! A member of our social service staff attended the Corona-G-WEG training in Geseke in September. This gave us more ideas on how we can use the G-WEG safely and well for fall prevention in our facility "despite corona conditions". Thanks to Meggi and Ulla for the wonderful day! Good luck for the future! We have had very good experiences with your invention and wish you all the best!

In April 2019, I completed the interesting G-WEG training and subsequently passed on my acquired knowledge to my team. Since then, we have been continuously training with the residents on the G-WEG. As we rotate as accompanying colleagues to keep everyone in training, I see the residents' progress every 4 weeks. Today I was again fascinated how upright and safe the residents are walking in the meantime and have decided to slightly increase the difficulty levels starting next week - step by step."
White Dove Retirement Home, Dortmund
Ms Lange, a member of staff in the social therapy service and a certified gymnastics teacher. Gymnastics teacher
"I have had good experiences with the G-WEG! The residents like to come and accept it well. People with dementia take part and the exercises also work well with the rollator. We train twice a week in a group and once or twice a week with individual residents. You can see the success in the step size. 

In a conversation with a resident, she told me that everything is easier for her again and even others have noticed that she is walking much more confidently again."
Sports Friends Eintracht Gevelsberg e.V. 1877
Head of Department Ms Mara Hübner
"We have been working with the G-WEG since 2016 and have been using it almost weekly in group training. It can be rolled up and unrolled quickly and is therefore particularly flexible for us to use. One man in particular, who always came to training with a rollator or walking stick, can now walk again without an aid. And we have observed a great improvement in the gait of a Parkinson's patient. We also credit the G-WEG for this. 

The methodology cards are super explained and understandable, so that every therapist can train specifically with them. The great thing is that when we have questions about G-WEG training, the G-WEG team is always very helpful and knows a solution!"
Retirement home Mengede, Dortmund
Mrs Giannes, gymnastics teacher
"I have a fixed group called "Safe on your feet", here we use the G-WEG more often. It is very appealing to the residents. They like to train on it. One resident is so motivated that I always have to slow her down. 

The methodology cards always show good exercises. A resident with Parkinson's disease did the tasks set really well after the second time, which was super exciting."
Krankenhaus St. Josef - Geriatrie, Schweinfurt
Ms White, Physiotherapist
"We train once a week in the corridors of the wards, usually in small groups. All the patients from the wards who are at risk of falling, have fractures or are here for internal medicine participate. 

Often we train with obstacles, small bags to pick up or a slalom is included in the training. Even if some patients are sceptical at first, they quickly realise how helpful the G-WEG is and that it is fun. Not only we see the progress, but also the patients.
Ergotherapie-Praxis Mies, Warstein
Mr Dietmar Mies
"The G-WEG is used weekly in our practice. Especially with stroke patients, we practice picking up objects. The 3D effect is super. Older people with rollators also train on it with enthusiasm. 

We have also often used it for children's therapy. The methodology cards are especially helpful for new colleagues. They get new incentives for the exercises and training units. The variety is great and the training success is quickly visible. We have not regretted the purchase!"
Retirement home Gut Förstel, Raschau-Markersbach
Ms Yvonne Strupart, Occupational Therapist
"I enjoy working with the G-WEG and the residents. It's also great with the rollator. Every Wednesday, the G-WEG training is on the programme. There are usually around 10 participants, who are all always very happy to take part. Some even use one hand to guide the rollator along the G-WEG. I notice the progress with them extremely, they could even walk without it. 

Two residents are in a really good mood, they are doing great and can do the exercises on their own. The others I take in a double pack and accompany them. It's really nice to see how the step length improves and the gait becomes more secure again.
Johannes Wessling Klinikum, Minden
Ms Anja Lamottke, Physiotherapist
"Our entire team of therapists uses the G-WEG. So far only in individual training, but this is very effective. We would like to use the G-WEG even more in groups to get as many patients as possible on it. 

We think the G-WEG is great and are happy that many patients can walk more confidently and walk better with it. It is a great motivational aid for those who train with it. It is displayed in a corridor and is used almost daily for small training sessions with the patients. 

In the past, we always stuck lines on the floor, which was very tedious. The G-WEG is an excellent addition to our daily therapy routine!
VfL Berghausen-Gimborn 1949 e.V.
Ms Andrea Luhnau, specialist trainer for rehabilitation sport in internal medicine and psychiatry, BRSNW
"The G-WEG and me! What should I write about it... that was my first thought when Ulla Schlösser asked me to write a few sentences about my experiences. Today - almost a year later - I know what I am writing. I first used the G-WEG in a home for the elderly. Even then, the "enthusiasm" for simply walking "across the meadow" (the G-WEG was called "green meadow" there) was great.

The urge to move was greater from hour to hour. It's a great feeling to go home after the class and take that "wow feeling" with you. For about half a year, I have been training with the G-WEG in a gerontological psychiatric nursing home. Here, in contrast to a retirement home, things are really happening. No matter how the residents use the G-WEG, whether to train balance, improve coordination...), just the fact that they use it - is worth more than anything else.

I have residents in the group who come from their room to the group room and would actually prefer to do something there while sitting, because just walking there is enough exercise for them. But as soon as I have unrolled the G-WAY and I can motivate one or two of them to join in (which is not always easy in a gerontopsychiatric facility), suddenly all the "men" are there at once and want to walk along the G-WAY. When I then see the residents with what joy they solve the tasks and we also have the right music to go with it - the hour is just "only" good. Some residents who previously only "slurped" suddenly take larger steps and try to walk upright.

For example, one resident always has his feet turned outwards when walking. But when I walk with this resident "on the edge of the stone", he puts his feet up straight. When I saw this for the first time, I got goose bumps and the carers were also totally overwhelmed.

Small things - big effect! There is a lot more I could tell you about, but I hope that these lines have appealed to one or the other. If you have the opportunity to buy a G-WEG - do it - it's worth it! Have fun with it."
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